shit so far

by Teenage Wasteland

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released August 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Teenage Wasteland Newark, Delaware

landon maloney

newark, de

cool shit

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Track Name: What You Once Were
Am I in love or am I drunk thinking of you?
I’m letting down the ones that build me up the most.
I’m all alone surrounded by all of my closest friends.
I won’t see them again till the summer
I bet against the fact that I could still love them.

I’m living now. Day by day. Drink by drink.
You’re living now and tomorrow forever.
See what I meant when I said I wasn’t the best
boy that you could have wasted your time with?

You wanted me and I thought of you naked.
I knew it was love because you took off your shirt.
You came alone to my state and you met all my friends.
And you took enough pills to fall asleep.

God, I was wrong.
God, I was wrong.
God, was I wrong about you.

You met my mom and I lied all about you.
How we met, your age, and how your brain worked.
We clearly loved one another just as long as the bottle
hidden inside of your purse was full.

At one point, I believed this was working.
I didn’t need to be near you at all.
I got to party with friends and keep open loose ends
while you overdosed in your best friends basement.
and I wouldn’t find out till the weekend.
when you’d tell me I was never
your boyfriend.

You’re better now. You’ve got a job and found some friends.
You’re better now. You got a man and got sober.
You’re better now. You’ve got it all that you ever wanted.
The things that I never would give you.
You haven’t touched a drink in a year now.
The thought of booze makes your stomach turn.
The smell of my breath turns you away.
I guess I’ll just drink.
Track Name: Bad Sex with Good People
Bloody fingers say I may not ever get too far away from you.
Meeting with you in a burnt out city feels I’m alone in changing myself.
Maybe someday I’ll never think of you and maybe someday I will be alright.
Come and see me soon. I’ll take good care of you.
You’ll make me feel like I belong all night.

You’re the only one I’ll never see myself just getting over. Or getting you for life.
You can keep your glass eye, your pins,
and all the stupid jewelry that I figured you would like.

Keep me quiet and I’ll love you more and more. I swear that I’m not fucking around.
Track Name: I'm Goin'
Take me down
Back to the ground.
What else could keep me here
Slowly dying?

Why am I
So scared of hell?
Is that what only keeps me here
Scared and confused.

Oh my brother don't you cry.
Pour yourself a drink of something strong.

Touch my skin and make me shine.
Hold my head back while I take one last look at you.
And tear myself back to the soil.
Track Name: Temple Child
ll never be patient.
and I'll never be fine.
and I'll never be lonesome
Because You'll always be mine.

When You taught in the temple
at the small age of twelve.
You covered every aspect
of my crooked life as well.

Oh, but I'm so scared.
I can hardly speak anymore.
Not that I could before.
Oh, and I'm so blind
I can hardly see anymore.
But you've seen this before.

Now, Job was so blameless.
Never turned you away.
Though his life turned to turmoil
he just said "the lord gives and takes away

Oh, but I'm so scared
I can hardly speak anymore.
Not that I could before.
Oh, but I'm so blind
I can hardly see anymore.
But You've see this before.

And I'll try to be patient.
and I'll try to be pure.
But I just stand in the way of every open door.
and I'll try to be blameless.
and I'll try to be Yours.
But what else it rebellion ever good for?
Track Name: 7 Months Ago
You promised me everything was for the best
and yet you lied. Sometimes things just happen.
Now I question every little thing that
happens to me. Why can't I just be set free.

Don't you know that I can't feel something
if it's not there. "Can you feel anything at all?"
Don't ever say those words to me again.
I feel more pain than you can imagine.

I'm broken again. This keeps on happening.
I'm broken, you see? Please come home to me!

Seven months ago, I met you in the place
that haunts me still, yet I keep on going back.
You are the one thing that seems to give me joy
yet you're the one that causes all my pain.

Every time I fail, it's exactly like the last.
Why do i try? Will I always be a mess?
If you come near me, I think I'll be alright
but that won't happen, so I'll call it a night.

I'm broken again. This keeps on happening.
I'm broken, you see? Please come home to me!

If you think that I'm fine. I'm not yet
Fully out of my mind. Place your bets
On who the next one I hurt is going to be.
Track Name: Exposed
You say I never try
But I always try
Try to make you hate me.

You say I'll never die
But I hope I die.
The sooner the better.

You say I always lie.
Well I sometimes lie.
But never to your face.

You say that we can fly.
But we never fly.
Stop being so confusing.

Everything that I want to change
comes hailing back at me.

Everytime that I've ever loved
Something's gone wrong in spite of me
or because of me.

You say I'll be set free.
Will I be set free?
Or are those just some kind words?

You say i have a choice.
Do I have a choice?
Or is this just a prison?

You tried to make it better
I tried to make it better
but can you make it better?
Can I make it better?

"Don't you lie!
Don't you lie this time!"
(I wont lie. I wont lie. I wont lie. This time)
I showed her my body
but you knew that.
And by her I mean everyone
but you knew that.

The prison can be broken
but you knew that.
I can be forgiven
but you knew that.